Sunday, January 30, 2011

All Star Game Formats

Welcome, what is up? Spedmunds' sports corner has a hot new issue that your about to find out about. Now i know in my last post i said I'd post tonight about the NBA and whats going on there. Unfortunately there will be a change of plans. Something this week sparked me to go into a rant when i was talking to my brother, and i figure why not make it my next post?

So, i was on this week, and saw the NBA all star team starters were announced. Cool i thought, i checked it out. Kobe Bryant, LeBron James, ya know, the usual guys who should start. Then, the last name on the list. the starting Center for the Western Conference. Yao Ming. Now, if Yao Ming was ACTUALLY PLAYING i wouldn't have cared. But he has not at all this year, and played little last year. These All Star games, the ones that the fans vote for i mean, are getting out of hand. Not just the NBA, but the MLB as well.

I'm not going to BullS**t here, i don't know all that much about the NBA, sure the basic rules, the star players, and the players on my NBA 2K11 game. I don't follow the NBA as closely as Baseball or Football. But i am 100% sure there are many other players who should get the all star start on their resume, over Yao. Just like the MLB, when Derek Jeter gets a start at Shortstop for the American League, when he is not the best SS at the time that year. Nothing irks me more than All Star games becoming a popularity contest.

In my own personal opinion, All Star games should not be in the hands of the fans watching. Instead, i believe every player and coach should be able to vote for who they think the starters/backups should be. I feel that they would know best as to who is the best at the time. I know that doing so would take some power and interest out of the fan's hands, but it would be best to make All Star Games fair and balanced.

That will do it for this week's Sports Corner. I know it was short, compared to my previous ones, it was just something i had to get off my chest. Thanks for putting up with my rant. Whats in store for next week? Tune in next Sunday night to find out!

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Sunday, January 23, 2011

Spedmunds' Sports Corner - Super Bowl Prediction

Well Well Well, that magical day that somehow mixes Funny commercials and concussions, mixes Janet Jackson's Boobage slip with what could have been Rex Ryan's favorite feet (too soon?). Super Bowl Sunday is 2 weeks away, and we finally have the last two teams standing. The Pittsburgh Steelers took care of the New York Jets tonight 24-19, and earlier today, the Green Bay Packers Bruised and Battered the Chicago Bears Quarterbacks, and won 21-14. A battle of Cheese-heads and the Steal Curtain.

This year's Superbowl is a battle of great offense (Packers) vs great defense (Steelers). In the past Superbowl's that i can remember, we've had this type of match up (I.E. Cardinals vs Steelers (XLIII) and Colts vs Bears (XLI)). Time to rank:

Better QB: Oh this is a tough one. you have the 2 time super bowl champion Ben "Can i get a Rothles-Burger" and Aaron "Jolly" Rodgers (forgive me for the jokes please). I saved this one to write last, as this is the most intriguing comparison. On one hand you have Aaron Rodgers, the man who learned from one of the best QBs in the history of the NFL, Brett Farve, and Ben Roethlisberger (yeah, i looked up how to spell it), a two time Super Bowl winning QB, already proven to be clutch in the playoffs. This has to come down to stats. On average, Rodgers throws for 261.5 yards a game with a 28-11 Touchdown to INT ratio which rounds to about 39%, with Roethlisberger throwing for 266.7 Yards, with a 17-5 Touchdown to INT ratio which rounds to about 29%.
Edge has to go to experience with numbers this close: Steelers

Better RB core: This would be an easy choice is the Packers still had Ryan Grant, however being on the IR doesn't help his team much. The Packers' top two RBs are James Starks, and John Kuhn. Starks is a rookie RB, who broke out during their Wild Card match up against the Eagles, John Kuhn started as a 3rd string RB at the beginning of the year, but due to Injury to Grant and an ineffective Brandon Jackson, became a major player for the Packers' RBs. The Steelers are formed with a 1-2 punch with Rashard Mendenhall and Mewelde Moore, a cornerstone this year for Pittsburgh. Pittsburgh's 1-2 punch has more experience, and i believe more power/speed than Green Bay's.
Edge: Steelers.

Better WR core: Can't go wrong with either. The experience with the Steelers' Heinz Ward and Antawn Randle El and the explosive Mike Wallace. Then again, Donald Driver, Greg Jennings and James Jones is not all that bad either. However, none of these players will make the biggest impact in the Super Bowl. The Edge tips in the Steelers' favor, due to Heath Miller, The Steelers' safety valve. A good Tight End is overlooked far too much in the NFL.
Edge: Steelers.

Better Offensive Line:
This one, i looked strictly at the stats for. The Packers allowed 38 sacks, and 67 QB hits, while the Steelers have allowed 43 sacks with 78 QB hits. The numbers speak for themselves.
Edge: Packers.

Better D Line: Looking at the stats, i was a bit stunned. Obviously, the Steelers lead the league in sacks with 48.0. However, tied for 2nd with the Raiders and Chargers were, yeah, the Green Bay Packers with 47.0.  No obvious choice so far. Both teams use a 3-4 defense (3 linemen and 4 linebackers, most teams use a 4-3, 4 linemen, 3 linebackers). No clean favorite here with the stats, so, no edge.
Edge: Push

Better LBs: Both teams have solid LBs. Steelers have James Harrison and James Farrior, Packers have A.J. Hawk and more than likely NFL defensive player of the year, Clay Matthews. Stats show between the 4 players I've mentioned, the Packers duo had combined 126 tackles, and 14 sacks (Matthews had 13.5 sacks) and the Steelers had 150 tackles with 16 sacks.
Edge: Steelers

Better Defensive Backs:
This battle will come down to 2 special future Hall of Famers: CB Charles Woodson for the Packers, and Safety Troy Polamalu. Sticking with stats, Polamalu this year has 7 Interceptions (1 for a Touchdown) and 18 pass deflections with 49 tackles, and Woodson has 2 INTs (1 for a Touchdown) with 15 pass deflections and 76 tackles. Edge is a close one, but....
Edge: Steelers

Better Special Teams (Kickers, Punters, Returners)
Packers Kicking: 78.5% of Field Goals made
Steelers Kicking: 78.3% of Field Goals Made
uh....definitely no edge there.
Packers Punting Net Average: 37.6 Yards
Steelers Punting Net Average: 37.3 Yards
(Net Average is the Yards the Punter Punts the ball averaged, minus the amount of yards the Returner averages)
No defiant edge yet again.
Packers Kick Return Average + Touchdowns: 20.1 and 0 TDs.
Packers Punt Return Average + TDs: 7.9 and 0 TDs.
Steelers Kick Return Average + TDs: 23.5 and 1 TD.
Steelers Punt Return Average + TDs: 6.1 and 0 TDs.
Well....No Edge, these numbers are too close.
Edge: Push

Well, the numbers will say that the Pittsburgh Steelers will win this game. However, if we went straight from stats, the Patriots and Falcons would more than likely be in the Superbowl. Stats are not everything.

Steve's Professional (yeah...professional...sure) Prediction

Green Bay Packers - 27
Pittsburgh Steelers - 21

Yeah I'm going against my stats, just a gut feeling. Of Course, feel free to post up your prediction, like always, keep it clean, keep it civil. Look for my next post next Sunday night, going into the world of the NBA, with a "Little past mid-season prediction" of the next few months of the NBA season.

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Thursday, January 13, 2011

5 Hardest Mainstream Sports to play.

For my first post, why not start out with a controversial topic? I've played many sports in my lifetime, know people who have played the rest. I ranked these 1-5 with 5 being the most difficult and 1 being easy-peasy. The Physical aspect, how fit you have to be to play it, the Mechanical aspect, meaning how easy it is to pick the sport up, and the Mental part, which in my opinion is, after wrestling with this topic for an hour or so, is the amount of effort you need to put in to be above average at this sport, in my experience. After comparing the 3 categories, i found my results were surprising even to me. Without further Freddy Adu (thank you for those of you who got that soccer reference), my top 5 Most difficult Sports to play.

 With 11 points, my 5th toughest sport to play is Basketball. I ranked this one a 4 on the physical. It does take you to be in shape, however, looking at someone like Shaq, I'm pretty sure i could beat him in a 40 yard dash, and possibly a longer run. On the Mechanical part, i gave it another 4. It isn't easy to dribble the ball like Chris Paul or Kobe, or shoot like Wade or Durant. The Mental i gave it a 3, because in my experience, once you have your form, you don't need to do much more than spot up and shoot the jay SHOOT IT!

 Also with 11 points, due to the tie, i picked the sport with the highest single rating, and this sport had a 5. The sport of course is Football. What some people are calling the new "America's Pastime." This sport got a 5 in the physical department. Mainly to summarize, when you need to fine people for giving people concussions too often, its a pretty Gnarly sport (yeah i said Gnarly). Mechanically i gave it a 3, if you boil the sport down, its running, and tackling isn't difficult to figure out (even though some NFL teams refuse to form tackle *cough*cough*GIANTS*cough*cough*. Mentally i gave it a 3 as well. Like i said in Mechanically, if you boil it down, its basically running. Its a 3 because i considered the QB position, how you need to read the field, make good passes, etc.

Another tie between the 3 and 2 positions, and because i gave them equal grades in each, personal opinion reigns. Tennis. This is a sport i have had the most success with in high school, so I'd be one who knows this sport very well. I gave Physical a 4, and the only reason i gave it a 4 and not a 5, was because my former doubles partner, not going to use his name, was I'd say about 5'3, around 250-275, an oompa-loompa basically (no offence meant Mr. Truffle Shuffle), and we did well. Mechanically and Mentally were both 4's. I believe these sports are tough to play, and master, but just about anyone can do it.

As much as This sport tortured me while i was a wee lad, traveling up and down the eastern sea board (my sister played this). Soccer. Yeah i know what your saying "Steve this is a fairies sport its not harder than football or basketball!!!" Well get off your high horse, and use your brain. It received 4's across the board. It takes a lot of coordination to play this. It combines the consistent running of basketball with a lot more coordination. not to mention the field is bigger than any of the sports fields that i graded. In general, Soccer may look like a fairy sport, but how bout you try to play midfield for a game, and see what you say.

The #1 sport surprised me, as coming into this, first thought, would be football or baseball. But after using my expert science techniques....sort of thing...the hardest sport according to my rankings is.......BOWLING! no, kidding, that was actually my lowest ranking with a 6. The toughest sport is Hockey! Hockey got a 5 in physical department. It is constant action, with the powerful hits that football has. I gave Mechanical a 4, The skill Sid the Kid and others have using their sticks (giggity), how Athletic and agile they need to be on skates is amazing. Mental is a 5. If you have no ice skating experience, your basically screwed trying to play this, believe me, i know from experience, the boards and i became close friends, as did me and the ice.

I ranked 10 sports, and I'll post the totals and results right now of each
#10 Bowling with 6 total points
#9 Golf with 8 total points
#8 Track & Field with 9 total points
#7 Baseball with 10 total points
#6 Lacrosse also with 10 total points
#5 Basketball with 11 total points
#4 Football also with 11 total points
#3 Tennis with 12 total points
#2 Soccer also with 12 total points
#1 Hockey with 14 total points

Well there ya have it. In this guy's professional opinion. More than likely you disagree. Feel free to post your top 5 out of these 10. Just be respectful...Ya Jerks

I'll try to keep this site updated, as well as i can. Next week, look for my post to be Sunday night, with my Superbowl predictions.
You stay Gnarly BUHstudio Fans..Ya Jerks.


 So, before we begin, i'd just like to introuce myself, who i am, how i roll. Name is Steve, Grew up in the greater Binghamton Area and work retail. I love sports. Doesn't matter what sport, it brings the best out of many people. It shows how people react under pressure, how much trust they have in others, and above all else, how much they love the game they play. Football, Baseball, Basketball, Tennis, Bowling, Hockey, Golf are all sports i've attempted. And no, poker is not a sport, and while Pro Wrestling takes major athletisism, it is not considered a sport. I've always been a sports guy, following most closely, falling asleep to Sportscenter. If i would say anything, i'd say it's in my blood.

I do have one quote i live by, and it applies to this new Blog. and that is a quote by John Kruk (Baseball Tonight analysit). "I have an opinion on everyhing, sometimes you won't like it." I'm sure at least one of you reading this will disagree with me. Just please respect my opinion, and there won't be no fighting. However if there is fighting, No touching of the Hair or Face, AND THATS IT! Love Ron Burgendy and the movie Anchorman.

 I'll more than likely post up an e-mail address sometime when i get this site figured out. Feel free to leave questions to me, and if you have an idea about a future subject, i'd be happy to look into it. Also, i want to make no promises, but i will shoot for a new blog to be posted sunday night, each week. However i am awful when it comes to deadlines for just about anything, so, don't freak out when/if i don't have it up.

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