Wednesday, February 9, 2011


NBA Season is halfway over. While I have not paid attention to it as close as other sports (Football and Baseball), I know enough about it to voice an opinion on mid-season awards and potential championship winners and wieners.

Lets Start with the obvious....Most disappointing team:

Hmm....i can't imagine who has been the most disappointing team (sarcasm). In my mind, there is only one. Cleveland Cavilers. Holy Crap! this team hasn't seen a win since before Christmas (Dec. 18th was last in vs. New York Knicks 109-102). This team has no leader since LeBron James ditched The unluckiest sports town in the world to South Beach, and man that looks like a great decision now, despite him becoming a "villain," but that is another story. Cleveland has set the record for most consecutive losses by ANY major sports franchise. Hopefully they will hit the Lottery and get the number one pick to replenish this dreadful roster, but knowing its Cleveland, they'll get stuck somehow with the 10th pick or something like that. Good Luck to them.

Most Surprising Team

There are a few big surprises to me, The Knicks actually being a contender this year is a big surprise to me, but its not the..biggest surprise. The San Antonio Spurs' Amazing record through 51 games (time this is posted is through 51 games FYI). Someone pinch me because this has to be a dream. How does this team keep alive, despite their age? fountain of youth? Tim Duncan's Spurs shocked me having one of the best records throughout 51 games of all time. Spurs are going to be a big player in the playoffs.

Dark Horse Team:

My Dark Horse Team to win the championship is the Chicago Bulls. The Bulls have a very good amount of talent, and many don't think of them as being this good. Sure the Celtics, Heat, and Magic are the ones who get the fame, but Derrick Rose and the Bulls could sneak into the playoffs unnoticed, and shock the east, mark my words.

Now the Individual Awards.

Rookie of the Half-Year:

What a Rookie Class, Blake "Lemme Dunk on Your Face" Griffin and John Wall, these two guys are destined to be great players, superstars possibly. Blake Griffin is a no brain Rookie of the half-year and probably going to be the Rookie of the Year. With 22.6 pts per game and 12.6 Rebounds a game, averaging a double-double is impressive for a rookie to do. Clearly he is a step above his rookie class, and even some NBA Power Forwards.


Now the big one, MVP, Most Valuable Player. The NBA is LOADED with Stars. Kobe, LeBron, KG, Duncan, Nash, I could go on forever. Halfway through the year, the player who has meant the most to his team, is not someone i have mentioned above in this topic. Amar'e Stoudemire, averaging 26.3 Points per game, has turned around a team last year that went 29-53, missing the playoffs by a wide margin, to right now 51 games into the season, 26-24. Now me being a casual basketball fan, can only name a few Knicks off the top of my head excluding Amar'e. They have no stars except Amar'e. Without him, the Knicks would be back to where they have been since Patrick Ewing Left. Amar'e Stoudemire, MVP halfway through the season to me.

That about Wraps this one up my friends. Gotta Give a shout out to Kevin Love, I hope he breaks the record of consecutive Double Doubles this year. Good Luck.

Sunday is the start of my Baseball Preview, and I'm going to be going division by division, team by team, pros and cons and predictions. All that juicy goodness. Look for my National League West Preview this Sunday night. Until then....Stay Extreme fans

Ya Jerks.

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